California Single Payer Health Insurance

A proposal to adopt a single-payer healthcare system for California took an initial step forward Thursday when the state Senate approved a bare-bones bill that lacks a method for paying the $400-billion cost of the plan.

The proposal was made by legislators led by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) at the same time President Trump and Republican members of Congress are working to repeal and replace the federal Affordable Care Act.

“Despite the incredible progress California has made, millions still do not have access to health insurance and millions more cannot afford the high deductibles and co-pays, and they often forgo care,” Lara said during a floor debate on the bill.

This coming again from the LAtimes. Is it just me or do people not understand the economic catastrophe that this will cause? Alright for all of you small business owners that just love the idea of this liberal agenda let’s look north where small businesses are the driving force in Canadas economy. Oh wait small businesses can’t afford these kinds of things. California will go bankrupt as this passes and the rich will leave. Let them do it I say.

“With President Trump’s promise to abandon the Affordable Care Act as we know it — for one that leaves millions without access to care — California is once again tasked to lead,” he told his colleagues.

Who has been denied care? This is the question that always stumps liberals. Please show me one newspaper article or hospital reference where an ER has turned someone away? This is the same crap that no one can give me an answer to. What is so wrong to have to pay for a service someone provides? Why would someone want to become a doctor accrue a hundred thousand in student debt just to be told they are only ever going to make 25 dollars an hour? That is the reality of socialized medicine, doctors simply quit practicing in areas where they can’t make any money.

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