Why Taxation is Theft pt 1

Almost every single day someone asks me why I think taxation is theft. I could write a book on this subject literally but I am going to try and stick to basic principles here. The beliefs that I hold are Anarcho Capitalist Libertarianism. Even though I acknowledge that government should exist I think that it needs to be held to its basic role outlined in the constitution. The Anarcho Capitalist in me wants to see a separation between economics and state, much like Ayn Rand’s philosophy. In essence I want to see taxes removed from everything that is a right. The individuals of this country have a right to provide for themselves. That is why income tax is theft, but let’s dive in to more philosophical means.

Most people who understand libertarianism understand that Murray Rothbard’s non-aggression principle is the fundamental philosophy behind libertarian beliefs. The general idea when it comes to the NAP is that no one can physically force an individual to do something or use threats of violence to compel someone to do something. Now think of taxation in this aspect for a moment. If you refuse to pay taxes, whether it is income, property, or even vehicle registration what is going to happen? Well men will come to your house and demand that you pay these taxes. What happens if you still refuse? These men will force you out of your home and into a cage until you agree to pay said taxes. What happens if you resist? These same men will use lethal force if necessary and end your life. Not only will they stop there they will auction off your property until the taxes are paid. In essence the majority of taxation is done in violation to the NAP.

Democrats and Republicans baulk at the idea of ridding ourselves of any of these forms of taxation. Always when I start to discuss this with people the question will eventually come up of how we are going to fund all the government programs. Well that is really the point isn’t it most of these programs are not necessary. When you look at the whole budget and not just discretionary spending you will find that more than half of the budget is entitlement spending which is not covered in the United States constitution. Government’s basic role in a nutshell is to protect life, liberty, and property.

So do we need a military to be funded? Yes, absolutely we do and we need to make sure that they are aptly prepared to DEFEND the constitution against all threats foreign and domestic. So why do we have close hundreds of bases in foreign countries? Our military spending is out of control and most republicans at this point will switch to a different page but let me continue.

Social security and Welfare programs are not covered in the constitution. Now it’s the modern liberals that will cry, well what about the poor? The simplest answer to this is normally well how much did you donate to charity last year? Most of them don’t because the government helps the poor much better than they think they can. That answer couldn’t be further from the truth. When the government implements income tax and other things of that nature it does nothing but further destroy a poor person. Also the minimum wage is another destructive force for those trying to rid themselves of poverty. And if we look at the numbers it is only around 3% of the working people in this country that actually make minimum wage.

Listen I don’t mean to go off on a tangent here but if you are only making minimum wage and you have been working for four years and are let’s say 20 years old it is nobody’s fault but your own that you are poor. The life decisions that you have made have obviously not been the right ones and you shouldn’t have to look to others to support your lifestyle. Get a second job, get out of the job that you have for a higher paying one but for god’s sakes don’t go to college, get your bachelors in “women’s art studies” then stand around angry because no one will higher you for more than ten dollars an hour. It is no one else’s fault but your own if you haven’t been planning your retirement and reach sixty five and have nothing to show for it.

Tomorrow I will discuss funding for the necessary programs and how we get there without involuntary taxation.

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