California Get Ready To Crash

The la times reported:

The bill, SB 562, would establish a publicly run healthcare plan that would cover everyone living in California, including those without legal immigration status. The proposal would drastically reduce the role of insurance companies: The state would pay for all medical expenses, including inpatient, outpatient, emergency services, dental, vision, mental health and nursing home care.

California will most likely pass this bill, and oh boy I hope it does. For years California has been nothing more than a liberal paradise. Where the poor are punished by high taxes and regulations, where even surviving on the state’s minimum wage is impossible. I have family in California and I hope they realize what is about to come to pass. If this bill passes in three years the state will be in complete economic ruin. There will be no businesses opening shops, there will be no employers left, and most importantly the rich will move elsewhere. This will be a total case of atlas shrugged, where high taxes (because there is no other way to pay for this) will drive everyone out of the state except the most destitute. You want to see Venezuela in America this would be the state to do it.

Socialized medicine doesn’t work, the economics of it are not there. Why would any doctor want to perform on someone when they know the pay isn’t great? Why even go to medical school that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. What you will see is the same thing we have seen in every other place that has socialized medicine. At first it will do great, and in the beginning broken arms and emergency services will be done fast and efficiently because they are low cost to most hospitals. After all out west we pay 900 dollars for a set of six stitches. But when it comes to MRI’s and Cancer treatment people will flee the state in order to move somewhere that offers better services. But here is the thing, with this law health insurance won’t be around in California. So if you leave the state in the hopes of eventually getting the treatment you need to survive, chances are Californians will end up spending their life’s savings trying to get treatment.

Sometimes I wonder why we bother with California, personally I say let them leave the United States like they want. Get ready Californians, and those of you who know what economics are….get ready to move.



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