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Writer’s block has been killing me these past couple of weeks. I haven’t known where to start or what to even consider writing about. I mostly try and concern my posts to this blog with economics because that is something that I truly enjoy. While we watch the world burn around us, countries going broke (including our own), wars waging, genocide, and even the internal struggle we are seeing in America right now it reminds me of the times that I felt hopeless. While we worry about what the state is doing we also must realize that we are the cause of our own misfortune. Yes America we voted and lead ourselves to where we are today. Where the real unemployment rate among working age individuals is 37%, where 47 million people are on some form of government aid, and to where our economy could come crashing down at any moment. The good news is that it isn’t over, and while ideas of liberty and peace are in our minds we can change the course of our future.

Straight out of high school in 2006 I made decent money for an unskilled worker. I never made great money but in my eyes 20k a year wasn’t doing too badly. Then the economy tanked due to the housing bubble and our government saw fit to print money at an alarming rate. One hundred dollars at the grocery store would no longer feed me for two weeks it took much more. Overtime became a necessity not a luxury and eventually a new job was needed in order to keep up with the times. Everything in the course of the last ten years has become more expensive it seems. Maybe it is the fact that now I am married and a father. I still fear for my child however at the rate this country seems to be going.

I started listening to books on tape when I worked overnights at Walmart. I crammed as much information as possible into my brain. I consumed learning on a massive scale. The biggest thing that I tried to learn was more about personal finance. I was only making ten dollars an hour, and for the first year of my marriage I was the only one working. I still supported my wife on this wage. And I never asked for help from the state. I also realized that I was not in a position to afford a car payment. We lived in a studio apartment where all utilities were included. After doing that for a year I realized being poor is a choice. Yes that is right being poor is no one else’s fault but your own. I started working two jobs, I worked more in my life to pay off debt and get rid of bills than I ever had in my life. I still am firmly against any sort of loan other than a mortgage, and even then I will fight tooth and nail to only have a 15 year fixed with 10% or more down. I will not go back to where I was.

So how does all of this come back to the state? I made my future happen despite being at a point where welfare of some sort was an option. I never asked for help but instead looked at the luxuries I had to cut. I set out and doubled my income in a year. I still work two jobs. It was the belief that I controlled my future, not some government handout. People say that I have no compassion for the poor or that because I think cutting out the welfare safety net would be the best thing that I am heartless. It is because I have been there and now I want more for my life that I will never return there. Anything that government does is never as great as the free market.

I guess maybe I needed to vent and just find something to write about that was more personable. I needed to hear my own story and why I strive for liberty and economic freedom. Or maybe I needed to remember and remind myself why this fight is so important, and every day I look at my daughter I remember that if I don’t fight for liberty she will have to.

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  1. Alan Ballinger Reply

    The sad thing about the people who get stuck on the cycle of government dependency is that they will never know what it feels like to be free. We live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to find the money to stay afloat, but we always seem to find just enough,

    I wouldn’t trade my pride for a paltry sum from the government just to make things easier. I don’t know how I could look into the mirror if I ever did.

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